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Experiential marketing

“When your brand connects with several senses, it achieves an immediate positioning”

We develop innovative experiences to connect with your brand through four central elements:

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Trade marketing

"The point of sale is the home of your product, it must be striking, creative and admirable"

We specialize in promoting your product or service generating a high impact space in the points of sale to make your brand unforgettable.

We achieve this by planning, producing and coordinating all types of merchandising to ensure that the customer's step through the shelf of your brand becomes a purchase action.

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“Your brand must show energy and innovation”

We develop brand activations for any type of target and based on all types of needs. We have infrastructure and unique innovation concepts that allow us to simultaneously activate different products and geographic areas that are of interest to your brand.

Our response is timely and effective.

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“A stand is an extension of your brand, it must be aesthetic and consistent with your product”

We are experts in the creation, design, assembly and execution of stands for any type of event from international expos and points of sale to concepts made especially for you.

Our stands are innovative, creative and functional spaces where your product or service coexists with the ideal environment for your brand and its visitors manage to perceive them as a pleasant experience.

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“From the sight born the love for your brand”

We conceptualize, design and develop displays tailored to your brand and project , always taking into account the objective of your brand from a launch, positioning or promotion, achieving a unique visual impact.

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“We live in a digital age, it is the main tool to be competitive”

We generate brand experiences through multimedia content and digital exhibitions such as:

We strengthen our digital services by developing digital marketing strategies to boost online presence and improve the reputation of your brand:

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